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Latest Tucker Test from Air Gunner

Dave Tucker takes a look at the top take-down

“I’ve never owned a take-down rifle, probably because I’ve never tried one before.

Now I’ve used one, I’m totally sold”

GunPower Stealth 2000 On Test

Geoffrey Boxall’s range report on the take-down that fits in hand bag!

“With no recoil to contend with, terrific balance and excellent handling thanks to that drop-down pistol grip,

I could get all my shots inside a 1 1/4 inch circle from a kneeling position – and that was at 40 yards, no less!”

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    Here it is, the launch of our new website. It’s not completely finished; there is still a bit of work to do and some new items to come. Yet here at Gunpower,we are so excited by our new site that we couldn’t hold it back any longer. The layout has changed quite a lot. Since our…

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    We have a unique, versatile shooting system providing many amazing features such as adjustable velocity and interchangeable calibers.

    Our air guns are used by people ranging from target shooters to government bodies. Our goal was to offer an entire shooting system that allows for modifications and upgrades as the shooter’s interests or needs change.