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This Month:  DAVE TUCKER takes a look at a top take-down - the  GUNPOWER STEALTH 2000




DAVE TUCKER'S test results are based on 10 separate categories, where points up to the maximum value of 10 are awarded in each category.  A score of 5 represents average in that category, so an overall total of 50 means that the gun Dave's been testing is average value for its asking price.  A higher score means it's better value - and a lower score represents poorer value

Just lately, take down rifles seem to be becoming very popular - and as I've never owned one, I jumped at the opportunity to trial the new GunPower Stealth 2000 shooting system.

Probably the best known, and certainly most easily recognised of the new breed of take downs, the Stealth 2000 combines neat looks with total in-the-field functionality ... and all at a take-down price too!

Let's take a look at why this type of air rifle is so much the vogue ....

With the bi-pod down you can shoot some amazing groups








The adjustable trigger and ambidextrous safety are very finger-friendly

The first thing I saw was the Stealth's gorgeous gun bag!  It's gorgeous because it's tailor-made for the 2000 by GunGear, the case specialists, and sports a classy gold, stitched-on Stealth logo.

Unzipping the gun bag to see exactly what I'd got, I soon realised that I'd got the lot!  Mounted on the 2000 was the whole shooting kit - comprising scope, bi-pod, laser sight, silencer and sling.  Now, that's what I call a shooting system!

With all the gear on, the Stealth weighs in at a healthy 7.5lbs.  With an overall assembled length of just 34 inches, this brings it into carbine class - making it ideal for both hide shooting or stalking work.

By their very nature, take-down rifles don't have the best butts in the world as far as comfort and style are concerned - and the Stealth 2000 is no exception!

With its drop-down pistol grip the Stealth handles like a dream


However, to be fair, it does have a non-slip neoprene  plate that feels a lot better than you may think.  The ambidextrous, drop-down pistol grip is extremely hand-friendly, and the rifle settles into your shoulder very naturally.  Once I'd snuggled my cheek into the bottle-cover, I could swing the 2000 onto aim with the sort of 'pointability' that has made in-line-butt rifles like this so popular with the military.



Thanks to its unique safety blow-out disc that acts very much like the valve on a pressure cooker, you can never over-fill the Stealth with compressed air - a great feature in terms of both safety and the law; try to push this rifle above legal power and it will dump all your air as a punishment!

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