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When GunPower launched their Stealth a few years back, it became one of the most talked about precharged pneumatic rifles ever.  Love 'em or loath 'em, military-looking sniper rifles like the Stealth are definitely a force to be reckoned with - and if looks are anything to go by, you instantly know that GunPower's new Stealth 2000 model means business!          

In true secret sniper style, you can take this magic mini carbine just about anywhere you want - because the Stealth 2000 takes down to fit inside its custom-fitted, zip-up carry case measuring just 22 x 15 inches!  And when you're ready, you can re-assemble your piece from its 'cased' 16 inches to its full, 34 inch length in 60 seconds flat!

  The Stealth packs away in its own neat carry case


The Stealth's buddy bottle powerplant doubles up as the butt, and GunPower have now shrouded this with a warm, comfortable foam lining that lets your cheek nestle in with complete comfort.

To fill up, you unscrew the bottle, attach it to either a diver's bottle via the supplied adapter and transfer in 2,700 psi of compressed air. 

Amazingly, the GunPower's re-design of the transfer valve means that each fresh charge of air gives you around 500 shots at full power - and by my reckoning, that makes this Stealth the most air-efficient pneumatic around... by miles!


Luckily you don't have to worry about re-zeroing your scope each time you screw the rifle together either because the main action of the 2000, inter-mount and all, stays in one piece, complete with your scope in situ.  

On the 2000, GunPower have now designed the Stealth's compressed air reservoir and valve assembly to incorporate a new safety blow-out disc.  This works just like a pressure cooker and prevents you over-filling the air bottle.  Try to pump in more pressure and the bottle will dump all its air - bad news!

  The GunPower Stealth 2000 in all its glory

The MMS mounting system with laser, sling, bi-pod and the threaded muzzle ready for the silencer.


Though it's a single-shot rifle, everything about the Stealth points to speed.  Screwing on the butt takes only a jiffy, and thanks to its unusually short thread, the chunky silencer screws on even faster!

The Stealth incorporates GunPower's highly-impressive Multi-Mount System (MMS) too - a unique rail atop and below the barrel shroud that lets you bolt on various goodies, via a standard dovetail mount fitting, in a matter of seconds.


I give top marks to GunPower here, because not only does this blow-out system make the new Stealth one of the safest pneumos on the market, but it also means you can't crank the 2000's power beyond the legal limit - though if you're an FAC holder, GunPower can supply you with a rifle set up to deliver its shots at an awesome 28 ft lbs.   Personally I'd be perfectly happy with the no-licence-required model - at 12 ft lbs, the Stealth 2000 boasts both style and oomph by the bucket load!

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