The Edge

The new 10 metre entry level target rifle from Gunpower. Available in red as above or blue.

The Edge

The new 10 metre entry level target rifle from Gunpower. Available in red as above or blue as below, and now also in black.  This high quality precision rifle has all the features of a target rifle costing three times the price. It has a fully adjustable forend for position along the underside of the rifle on the 11mm dovetail. A fully adjustable butt plate allowing the length of pull to be altered from 12 to 17 inches (30 to 43 cm) and a cheek-piece that is adjustable for height.

The weight of the rifle is only 6.1 lbs ( 2.77Kg) making it light enough for youngsters to be able to handle and with the adjustablilty of the rifle making it an ideal starter rifle for beginners entering the world of Olympic 10 metre target or bell target shooting.

Working off 3,000 p.s.i. or 206 Bar compressed air, the rifle is totally recoilless and with the match grade Lothar Walther precision German barrel this is truly an awesome target rifle.

The single shot, .177 (4.5mm) rifle is fitted with a 12 inch (30 cm) barrel.

The trigger has a two stage adjustable set up, and as an added extra it has a dry firing position on the cocking bolt for testing the trigger release and avoiding over pull when firing.

The rifle can be supplied with our own sighting system, a diopter rear sight with full height adjustment and also solid, elevation and windage adjustement. The front peep sight also comes with three different elements.

Producing 6 foot pounds of muzzle energy or 7.5 joules the EDGE will give 100 fully regulated shots at almost equal velocity.

Above is the ‘A’ clamp quick fill system for refilling from a\ pillar valved scuba tank.
Below is the DIN quick fill system for European screw type scuba fittings

We can also supply a quick fill hose attachment for filling from the GunPower Stirrup Pump Or if you already have filling capability we can supply the quick fill adapter with a 1/8inch BSP male fitting to connect to your existing system

The recommended retail price of £699 includes the front sight with 3 elements, the rear diopter sight and a quick fill adpter to a 1/8inch male fitting.


VELOCITY: 500-530 feet per second


MAX FILL PRESSURE: 3000 psi/200 bar – compressed air only

ACTION: Single shot

WEIGHT: 6.1 lbs (2.5 kg)

LENGTH: 35-40 ins

BARREL: 12 inches (30cm)

CALIBRE: .177 (4.5mm)

TRIGGER: 2 stage adjustable

SIGHTS: GunPower TS1 Peep Sight System


SAFETY: Manual


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